SASL Skills transfer starts at 5 Schools for the Deaf in the Western Cape

The Western Cape Education Department started a process to capacitate teachers at the Schools for the Deaf.

The successes of the current Pilot project to develop the SASL (South African Sign Language) at De la Bat School in Worcester will be replicated in the four other schools (Mary Kihn, Noluthando, Nuwe Hoop and Dominican Wittebome.)

This process aims to improve:

  • the SASL skills set of teachers and class gr1
  •  the linguistics of the language as well as
  • didactic and methodology strategies.

Noluthando staff started the workshops on Tuesday 17 April. The morning session is spent with the Foundation Phase  class groups. The staff component then had a two hour session from 14h00.

Mary Kihn class group started on Wednesday with the staff training in the afternoon. All indicators point to an exciting 5 months ahead. The enthusiasm released thus far will be maintained by the project champions at our schools; the principals.

Dominican Wittebome, Nuwe Hoop and De la Bat will soon embark on their journey.

Why do we do this? We welcome your comments.


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